Mojonnier analyzer Moplant EXE1809-02

Moplant, complete instrument for the determination of total solids and fat in milk and dairy products.



Explosionproof according to EX-P EN IEC 60079-2 standards. Complete instrument for the deter-mination of both, fat and total solids in milk and dairy products according to the Mojonnier-process. The weight-analytical extraction method according to Röse-Gottlieb and also according to Schmid-Bondzijnski, that has to be used, is due to its high accurate still the obvious and not to be improved resource for science and research, as well as for reference, when other (more insecure and less accurate) instruments and methods have to be checked.

The well-known extraction method with the original laboratory equipment takes a lot of time and is complicated. Our new SMT-MOPLANT simplifies and rationali¬ses the whole process and is time-saving, taking into account that all necessary activities like: dissolving, extracting, centrifuging, pouring off, evaporating, drying, cooling and weighing can be performed in one place and not to forget: Explosionproof.

Mojonnier analyzer model 1809-02 with 1 centrifuge, 1 Hotplate, 1 vaccuumdry cabinet and 1 cooldown cabinet. Capacity fro 8 samples at the same time.



Marconibaan 42G,

3439MS Nieuwegein, NL