Germination equipment

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Flohr Instruments designs and produces germination and plantgrowth test equipments.


One of pour specials are germination and plantgrowth equipment like germination tables, thermogradientables, germination- and plantgrowth cabinets. Lots of seed suppliers, seedlaboratories are using our products which meet the ISTA standards and in use also by FNAMS and NAK. We have over more than 30 years know-how and still continue improvements of our products, latest developments are integrating of led (growth)illumination in our products. Find out more about our products.


Germination table GT7 and GT8

Germinationtable GT 10 

"wet" germination cabinet GC 10.

Thermogradient table GR 7

Thermogradient table GR10 

Plantgrowth and germinationcabinet PLG 300 and 400

Plantgrowth and germination cabinet GC(K) 8.

Plantgrowth and germination cabinet PLG(K)1200