Plantgrowth cabinet PLG 300-400

Climate cabinet for plantgrowth and seed germination. PLG(K) 300 and 400.



PLG models Temperaturerange 2-45 °C.


PLGK models Temperaturerange 2-45 °C

Humidity range to 96 %.


Colortouchscreen controller.

Day- and night cycle for temperature, RH and light.

Safety thermostat with indicator.

Illumination on both side behind thermo insulated glass windows each side 4 Ledlamps, 3000 or 4000K.


Dimension PLG(K) 300:

Outside:80x75x128 cm, WxDxH.

Inside:60x60x95 cm, WxDxH.


Dimension PLG(K) 400:

Outside:80x75x148 cm, WxDxH.

Inside:60x60x120 cm, WxDxH.


In- and outside stainless steel aisi 304.

2 height adjustable shelves.

Available with closed door or glass door.


Main voltage 230V/50Hz.

Power 750 Watt.


Extra available solutions;

Built-in datalogger.

Custom made shelves or vessels.

Extra shelves.

Built-in wallsocket.

Validation ports.

Easy acces to the light through side doors. 



Marconibaan 42G,

3439MS Nieuwegein, NL