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 Climate rooms from Flohr Instruments.


Our climaterooms are modulair designed to install on location. Different designs are possible like dimensions, type of doors and interior. Temperatuurranges from -20 tot + 60 graden °C, humidity range from 30 to 90 %.

For illumination we have different solutions like dimming light, ledlight, different colours.,special light for plantgrowth, day-and night cycle.


The latest colour touchscreen controllers are optional available with ethernet connection, giving the possibility for remote control by laptop, tablet or smartphone, and also equipped with datalogger.


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KlimaatkamerClimate chamber for general porposes.

Climate chamber for plant growth

Kombi climatechamber  10 x 5 mtr separated in 2 rooms.

Climate chamber 3 x 7 mtr with 3 doors.

Combi chamber with 3 seperated climate rooms.