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 Copenhagen germination table GT7 and GT8



This germination system, known by the name of "Copenhagen table" or "Jakobson table" can provide a controlled environment for the seeds to be tested. This environment is achieved by providing the seeds with a constant temperature and an accurately controlled moisture level, all the seed samples receiving the same treatment.


GT 7: 120 samples at the same time.

GT 8: 180 samples at the same time.


The test surface consists of stainless steel plate with spaces in the surface. The spaces provide access to the waterreservoir. The whole construction is made out of stainless steel 304. The base of the table is a stainless steel frame. Within this frame a compartment is provided in which the temperature controlsystem, the waterbath with heatingelement and the circulation- pump is located. The water in the reservoir circulate through this waterbath where the temperature of the water is controlled by a color touchscreen temperature controller. This will give an accurately water temperature. With the built-in realtime clock is a day-night cycle programmable for temperature and light.




Dimension outside GT 7 :Approximately 1160 x 950 x 1010 (w x d x h).

Test surface GT 7 :Approximately 960 x 820 mm. (w x d).

Capacity :120 germination tests at the same time.

Dimension outside GT 8 :Approximately 1650 x 950 x 1010 (w x d x h).

Test surface GT 8 :Approximately 1450 x 820 mm. (w x d).

Capacity :180 germination tests at the same time.


Digitale temperature controller

Day- en night conntrol.

Lage locker.

Inside and outside from stainless steel aisi 304.

Main Voltage 230V/50Hz

Power 750 watts

Also available with watercooled cooldevice.



Germination table GT 7.

Germination table GT 8

Germination table GT 7                                                           Germination table GT8



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