Frost Defrost tester

Frost-defrost test baths.



For testing of materials according to variuous DIN EN testprocedures we produce frost defrost tester as dry cabinet and as baths for defrosting with water.

Our fully automatic testers are suitable for DIN EN testprocedures such as, EN 13383, EN12467, EN1367, EN 12371. Because the testers are equipped with programcontrollers it is possible to preprogram up to 10 different testprocedures.


Most of the frost and defrost baths tester are made to custom specifications such as dimensions and temperature range to meet different test materials.

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General specifications.


Temperatuerrange air from -20 tot +30 °C.

Temparturerange water  to +30 °C and with cooling from  +10 °C to +30 °C

Full automatic testprogram

Grafic display, ethernet (Option) , datalogger(option).

Waterreservoir to reduce waterwaiste.9option)






 300 litre Frost-defrost tester

900 liters frost defrost tester with water reservoir



Marconibaan 42G,

3439MS Nieuwegein, NL