Medica Fridges DIN 58345

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Our new line medica fridges meets the DIN 58345

Available with closed and glassdoor and several shelves and baskets.

Meets DIN 58345
Contents 30-416 litres
Forced air circulation
Noise < 50bB(A)
Automatic defrostsystem
Temperarure range +2 to +8 °C
Temperature setpoint 5 °C
Construction exterior Steal/White
Collect data by USB
Construction Interior Steal/White
Calibration 6 points
Door Steal/White
Battery alarm
Battery backed up Temp. datalogger
Open door alarm
Acoustic alarm

MF30L-GD-DIN 58345  30 Litres


MF350L-CD-DIN 53234  324 Litres


MF60L-CD-DIN 58345  52 Litres


MF450L-GD-DIN 58345  416 Litres


MF140L-GD-DIN 58345 122 Litres


MC450L medifreeze Atex

-22 C

MC140L medifreeze Atex

 -22 C