Germination table GT 10



This germination system, known by the name of "Copenhagen table" or "Jakobson table" can provide a controlled environment for the seeds to be tested. This environment is achieved by providing the seeds with a constant temperature and an accurately controlled moisture level, all the seed samples receiving the same treatment.


Over 200 samples at the same time.

The test-surface consists of 11 stainless steel rectangle tubes.Temperaturecontrolled water is constantly circulating through these tubes while these tubes take over the watertemperature. By placing the germinationpads on the germinationsurface of the tubes the pads have direct contact with the temperature. Between these tubes are small space which gives access to a water reservoir under these germination surface. By using the paperwick led into the wate, the

germination pads will be supplied with the required moisture. The water reservoir has an automatic levelcontroller which will keep the water reservoir filled at all times.

The construction containing the water is made of stainless steel 304.

The base of the germinationtable is a stainless steel frame which is covered by stainless steel sideboards and frontdoors. Inside this frame the various control units are built-in.


Dimension outside :Approx. 2000 x 900 x 820 (w x d x h).

Test surface :Approx. 1825 x 860 mm. (w x d).

Test surface for over 200 sample s at the same.

Color touchscreen controller

Large locker.

Inside and outside from stainless steel aisi 304.

Main Voltage 230V/50Hz

Power 2000 watts

Also available with watercooled cooldevice model GT11

 Germinationtable GT10

Germinationtable GT10/11



Marconibaan 42G,

3439MS Nieuwegein, NL