Incubator LC 2500-5000

General specifications


Temperature range:

From ambient +4 to 40 °C.

Safety thermostat with indicator.

In- and outside stainless steel aisi 304.

2 height adjustable shelves.

Available with closed door or glass door.

Main Voltage 230V/50Hz.

Power 500 Watt.




Model LC 2500

200 litres volume.

Inside dimensions 47x44x106 cm. WxDxH

Outside dimensions 60x61x125 cm. WxDxH


Model LC 3500

300 litres volume.

Inside dimensions 47x44x145 cm. WxDxH

Outside dimensions 60x61x164 cm. WxDxH


Model LC 4500

400 litres volume.

Inside dimensions 47x44x161 cm. WxDxH

Outside dimensions 60x61x180 cm. WxDxH


Model LC 5000

500 litres volume.

Inside dimensions 60x56x145 cm. WxDxH

Outside dimensions 75x73x165 cm. WxDxH


Extra available solutions;

Custom made shelves or vessels.


Subframe with castors for LC 2500.


Extra shelves.

Validation port.





Marconibaan 42G,

3439MS Nieuwegein, NL



 Cool incubator LC 2500-5000