Thermogradient table GR7 and GR10



This gradienttable is suitable to place100 pads , GR7 to 200 pads, O.D. 100 mm or 250 pads, O.D. 80 mm, GR10,  in 10 rows. Each row has a constant and comparing to the other rows a different temperature. The average temperature of each row is formed by a proportional different between the first and the last row. Both temperatures are controlled by a colour touchscreen, connected to two separate cool/heatingsystems, one system will heat or cool down the front- and the other system will cool down or heat up the rearside of the table. From each row the temperature will be measured and observed on the touchscreen display.


Temperature range from 10 to 40 C. Optional with a glycol mix from 5 to 40 C.

Dimension germination surface:

GR7: Approx. 1000 x 1000 mm (w x d).

GR10: Appr. 2000x1000 mm (w x d).

Color touchscreen controller.

Day-night cycle light and temperature.

Large locker ( only GR10)

Inside and outside from stainless steel aisi 304.

Main Voltage 230V/50Hz

Power 2000 watts

Also available with watercooled cooldevice model GR7C or GR11

Thermogradient table GR 7 

with integrated light in the lid.

Thermogradienttable GR7 and GR10/11

Thermogradient table GR10/11



Marconibaan 42G,

3439MS Nieuwegein, NL