About us

Who we are.


Flohr Instruments is a team with enthuastic workers doing their best to manufacture high quality products.

As we have our own design department and production department we can directly respond to custom specified requirements. We are proud at each product that leaves our factory.


Choose the right product.

Our specialists can give you personal assistance, advise and help you choosing the right product.

Don't hesitate to contact us.


Design and manufacture.

Each product will be manufacturedwith great attention.

It starts with the design for custom specified products. Parts are manufactured by modern laser cut machines , after that the real manufacture starts. Our manufacture team takes care of the construction and the assembly of the different parts such as electrical installation, coolsystem, heating and the measure and control system.


Test and operation.

Each product will go through a strict test procedure to ensure quality and specifications before delivery to the end-user. B.e. required accuracy, construction and safety must pass the procedure.


Delivery, installation and instruction.

Our technicians can deliver, install and give instruction on-site. Even technical explain to technical staff is possible.


Service and Maintenance.

After delivery and full operation of the equipment ,our technicians will be of service for you;

Maintenance, periodical check-up of safety, validation and calibration of temperature and humidity, maintenance of cooldevice, heating, fans and electrical installation.

Updates of equipment to make them suitable for special application is also possible.